10 Amazing Facts About Cats


Cats Can't Climb With Their Heads Down.

A cat would rather jump from a tree than climb down with its head first down. To get down, a cat must back down or jump. 


Cats Have More Bones Than Humans - Many Of Which Are In Their Tail

A cat skeleton is composed of 250 - humans have 206. Most of the extra bones are found in the backbone extending to the tail which gives the cat extra flexibility. 


Cats Can Run Up To 30 Miles Per Hour.

When a cat walks it moves both left legs then both right legs but when running both of the back legs move in front of the front legs launching it airborne for a moment. 


Calico And Tortoiseshell Cats Are Almost Always Female.

While any breed of cat can be born with calico fur, the majority of these cats are female with only one in three thousand calico cats being male. 


Cats Only Meow For Human

Meowing is an interesting vocalization produced by adult cats. It is a way of communicating with people. Interestingly cats do not meow to other cats or other animals, just at people. 


Cats Sleep Up To 18 Hours A Day.

Cats are one of the top sleepers in the animal kingdom, spending about 16 to 20 hours a day sleeping irrespective of their ages. A new born cat may spend 24 hours sleeping. 


They Navigate Using The Sunlight.

Cats have mental maps that not only store the memory of their paths throughout the day but also help them find their way in case they are lost. 


Cats Sweat Through Their Paws.

Cats’ actually sweat through their paws. If a cat overheats, it secretes sweat through her paws.  


Cats Dream.

Cats not only spend most of the day sleeping but also dream in their sleep. Like humans, cats experience Rapid Eye Movement sleep, a stage where most dreaming occurs. 


In Many Places, Declawing Your Cat Is Illegal.

Declawing is a form of operation to remove an animal’s claw. Although common in some parts of North America, declawing is considered an act of cruelty to the animal. 

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