10 Animals Found In Brazil

Himanshi singh       Nov 11, 2022

#Toco Toucan

          Also known as Ramphastos toco, these birds thrive in southern and eastern Brazil. The toco toucans are scientifically classified in the Piciformes order, in the Ramphastos Genus. 


          The anteater is classified scientifically in the Chordate phylum of the Pilosa order. The natural habitat is rain forests, savannas and dry tropical forests. Feeding on ants is enhanced by long curved fore claws 

#Three-Toed Sloth

          Three-toed sloths derived the name from the three fingers on their foot which distinguishes them from double toed sloths. The total body size is approximately 18 inches long and a weight of 3.5 to 4.5 kilograms. 


          A piranha is a unique freshwater fish famous for robust jaws and sharp teeth. Piranha scientifically belongs to Chordata Phylum, of the Serrasalmidae family. Piranhas are 5 to 14 inches long. 


         The capybara is a mammal found in Brazil and the largest rodent species alive. Capybara is a member of genus Hydrochoerus of the Cordate phylum. The main habitat is dense forests and savannas near water bodies because of their semi aquatic nature  


         Armadillos are mammals in the Xenarthra superorder, in the Phylum Chordata. They are housed in a leathery shell that armor the entire body except for the underside.   

#Yacara Caiman

         Yacara caiman is scientifically classified in Reptilia class in the Crocodilia order. An adult Yacara caiman is between 6.6 and 8.2 feet long and can have a body weight of up to 58 kilograms in males and 23 kilograms in females  

#Poison Dart Frog

         As the name suggests most of the species have toxicity which makes them aposematic. They secrete toxic lipophilic alkaloids through their skin. The alkaloids are chemical defense toxins that protect them from predators. 

#Golden Lion Tamarin

         Golden lion tamarin is a species found in southeastern Brazil. The name is derived from the bright reddish-orange pelage and long hair that covers the face and ears. The beautiful lion-like mane makes them distinctively unique from other primates.  

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