10 earth like planets that can be the future earth

Ritu Kanwar Bhati            Nov. 21, 2022


TOI 700 d

TOI 700 d is an exoplanet located in the habitable zone of its star TOI 700 which is a cool ‘M DWARF’.  



The TRAPPIST-1e is undoubtedly like earth concerning size, mass, and temperature. TRAPPIST-1e has 93% surface gravity of earth.


Proxima Centauri B

Proxima Centauri B is an exoplanet situated in the livable zone of its red small star Proxima Centauri; Which is the nearest star to our Sun.


ROSS 128 b

Ross 128 b is an exoplanet circling the red small star Ross 128, found 11 light years from us.



Gliese 581g is another livable exoplanet found 20 light years from us.



Kepler-22b is an exoplanet found 600 light years from us affirmed in December 2011.


Kepler 452b

Kepler 452b is an exoplanet that circles a G2 type star and is situated in the tenable zone whose mass it can hold fluid water on its surface.


Kepler 186f

Kepler 186f is otherwise called the second earth and it is just 10% bigger than earth. It lies in the tenable zone of its parent star.


KOI 7711.01

The KOI 7711.01 is one more contender to have life. It is found 1700 light years away and Circles a Sun-like star.


Kepler 62e

Kepler 62 is a nearby planet group found 990 light years from us.It is known to be a water world. 

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