10 Harry Styles Gifts That'll Be Pleasing to Any Mega-Fan This Christmas


Personalized Harry Styles Starbucks Cup 

Your two favorite things on earth: HS and cold brew. 


Harry Styles "As It Was" Print  

Your bedroom wall won't be the same "As It Was" once you deck it out with this vibrant print. 


Adult Hoodie Harry Tattoos 

Only die-hard Harry Styles fans are gonna get this one. 


We'll Be Alright Handwriting Ring 

You can get any phrase (read: Harry Styles lyric) engraved on this ring in your own handwriting. 


Harry Style Photo Booth Collage Sticker 

It doesn't cost much to make a Harry stan's day. In fact, it costs less than $3.00, provided you buy them this adorable sticker that looks like Harry personally gave you a piece of his heart 


The Perfect Polish Set 

This set contains four pearlescent nail polishes and six sheets of alphabet decals to customize your ~perfect~ nail look in true Harry fashion. 


Saint Harry Styles Prayer Candle  

In the words of Salley Rooney, "I'm not a religious person but I do sometimes think God made [Harry] for me." 


Pleasing Phone Case Shroom Bloom 

Harry's retro "Shroom Bloom" aesthetic is everything we didn't know we needed. And now you can flaunt it on your phone case, too. 


Freshwater Pearl Golden Necklace 

We're not even going to tell you where this necklace is from, 'cause we know the Harries in your life have got the entire music video memorized.  


Harry Styles Sequin Mermaid Pillowcase 

I don't know why you'd even need the gold side, but whatever. 

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