10 History "Facts" That Are Actually Totally Wrong

Himanshi singh       Nov 14, 2022

#Marie Antoinette Did Not Say “Let Them Eat Cake.”

         The last French queen is credited to have uttered the famous words “Let them eat cake” in response to being told her peasant subjects were starving 

#Napoleon Bonaparte Was Not Short”

       Napoleon is known as one of the world’s iconic military leaders; often depicted as a short man in a waistcoat leading his army. 

#Cleopatra Was Not Egyptian

      Cleopatra is famously known as the Queen of the Nile, but she had very little, if any, Egyptian blood. Born in Egypt, Cleopatra’s family origins trace back to Macedonian Greece   

#People In The Middle Ages Did Not Think The Earth Was Flat

      A common misconception regarding “the dark ages” is that it was an era of savagery and ignorance when people believed the world was flat.   

#Salem Witches Were Not Burned At The Stake

      In 1692, a doctor in Salem Village, Massachusetts, believed a mysterious illness affecting young girls was the work of black magic. 

#Benjamin Franklin Did Not Discover Electricity While Flying A Kite

Benjamin Franklin was a Founding Father, an inventor, and a scientist. But Franklin is wrongly credited with discovering electricity through his famous kite-and-key experiment. 

#Vikings Did Not Wear Horned Helmet

Horned helmets have become synonymous with Vikings, but historians have yet to discover one. The only Viking-era helmet in existence was found in 1943 and has a rounded iron cap and no horns. 

#Sir Isaac Newton Did Not Discover Gravity When An Apple Fell On His Head

You might be familiar with the story of a young Isaac Newton, sitting under an apple tree when he is hit on the head by a falling apple, 

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