10 Of The Oldest Castles In Europe You Can Actually Visit

Himanshi singh       Nov 14, 2022

#Alcázar Of Segovia

          It’s hard to know exactly how old the Alcázar of Segovia in Spain is, but the first written record of its existence is from 1120 AD 

#Rochester Castle

         Located in England, Rochester Castle was built in 1088 AD. Its stone structure replaced a former castle made of timber that had been destroyed during the Norman Conquest of 1066  

#Hohenwerfen Fortre

         Hohenwerfen Fortress is a castle in Salzburg, Germany that dates back to 1077 AD.  

#Windsor Castle

         William the Conquerer built Windsor Castle in 1070 AD as a residence for the royals  

#Warwick Castle

         In addition to building Windsor Castle, William the Conqueror also built Warwick Castle in 1068 AD.  

#Krak Des Chevalier

        This castle in Syria was built for the Emir of Aleppo in 1031 AD. It was used by the Knights Hospitaller 

#Reichsburg Cochem

        Reichsburg Cochem is a castle in Germany that is estimated to have been built around the year 1000 AD.  

#Alhambra De Granada

The Alhambra de Granada’s origins are unknown, but any existing structure at the site in Spain was destroyed and replaced by today’s stone fortress in the year 889 AD. 

#Prague Castle

Built in 880 AD, Prague Castle is located in the Czech Republic and holds the Guinness World Records title for largest castle at 70,000 square meters. 

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