7 Most Beautiful Cities In Kansa

Himanshi singh       May 19, 2020

#Dodge City 

       Dodge City has been an embattled site since Fort Mann was first constructed (and subsequently razed) as a refuge for pilgrims in 1847. Economic disputes over the town's pivotal location between cattle routes cemented Dodge City as a great city of lawlessness and western fable 


    The capital and jewel of Kansas, Topeka boasts well over 120 thousand residents and a humble history of agriculture that comes packaged with beautiful greenery and countryside. The great Kansas river creates a fantastical skyline reflection when crossing from the north side towards the capitol.  


    In northeast Kansas, tucked alongside the Missouri river, a modest town of 11 thousand has been taking care of its own for over one hundred and fifty years. Ornate brickwork malls stretch across the city, where carefully maintained flower plots drift in gentle breezes. 


    A suburban town with grand thunderstorms that paint electric masterpieces across the sky from time to time, Lenexa is an iconic part of Kansas imagery and history alike. Even "Wild Bill Hickok" had to get a piece of Lenexa, buying a parcel of land in 1858, now a park named after him. 


  Shawnee boasts countless miniature boroughs that comfortably house its population of nearly seventy thousand. In a twist on roman grid-style planning, Shawnee keeps each resident feeling like the king of their own estate, where woodlands are strategically grown to ensure that each nook and cranny of the town has a unique appearance. 


Blink, and you might miss it; Manhattan sits squarely west of Topeka among a sea of old forts and nigh-untouched lakes. The region itself is known for rolling grassy hills and was ranked by Forbes to be the number 1 location for "Best Small Communities for a Business and Career." 


Leavenworth is a pretty town. Sometimes, however, beauty goes deeper than appearances just like our parents and mentors used to teach us. The city acted as a refuge for slaves fleeing oppression, and from that, it became an abolitionist town. The city acted quickly to consider freed slaves as citizens even before the war ended in 1865.  

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