10 Space Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

Ritu Kanwar Bhati            Nov. 21, 2022


Planet Nine

It is accepted that Planet Nine is multiple times greater than earth and it concealing a ton of secrets inside it, however, sadly we haven't tracked down it yet


Universe is A Computer Simulation

A few researchers accept that we are only a reenactment game in somebody's PC,maybe in the computer of an advanced civilization.


Time is Running Out

This is an insane speculation that expresses that Time is running delayed in contrast with the underlying long periods of our universe.


The Multiverse

a few researchers accept that the multiverse exists, and some accept that our universe is likewise only a piece of a major universe where numerous universes very much like our own existence.


Big Rip

a few researchers accept that our universe will continue extending until it begins breaking in pieces and closures.


Dark Matter

Numerous researchers accept that the unfilled space is truly not vacant, it contains dark matter.


Earth will become Venus

Following 1 billion years from now, the Sun would become 10% more sizzling and Earth's normal temperature would stretch around 47 degree Celsius.


The White Holes

White holes are entirely different from dark holes and are known to toss everything out of them.


What would happen if you fall in a Black Hole?

When you will start falling in a Black Hole then you will become slim like a noodle when you reach the centre of a Black Hole 


What was there before the Big Bang?

it is accepted that the multiverse exists and assuming the Enormous detonation was the completion of the more seasoned Universe.

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