10 Tallest Buildings In The World

Himanshi singh       Nov 16, 2022

#1. Burj Khalifa - Dubai, United Arab Emirate

          The mixed-use skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is the world's tallest building, meeting the official three criteria required to earn the title.  

#2. Shanghai Tower - Shanghai, China

          Set in Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai, China, the Shanghai Tower is a 2,073-foot (632-meter) tall 128-floor skyscraper that was built in 2013 as the second tallest building in the world and still holds that spot today.  

#3. Makkah Royal Clock Tower - Mecca, Saudi Arabia

          Located in Makkah Haram, Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the Makkah Royal Clock Tower reaches 1,972 feet (601 meters). The tower comes with 120 above-the-ground floors 

#4. Ping An Finance Center - Shenzhen, China

          The 116-floor high Ping An Finance Center is set in Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, as a 1,965-feet (599-meter) tall tower-skyscraper housing offices, a hotel, a conference center, a high-end shopping mall 

#5. Lotte World Tower - Seoul, South Korea

          The nation's tallest building standing at 1,823 ft. (555.7 meter) with 123 stories in Seoul, South Korea, Lotte World Tower, opened on April 3, 2017. The skyscraper, taking 13 years just to plan and prepare the site for construction 

#6. One World Trade Center - New York City, United State

          Set in the Big Apple, at the south-western tip of Manhattan, World Trade Center comprises a complex of several buildings around a central plaza, located at the shore of the Hudson River, some blocks northwest of Wall Street 

#7. Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre - Guangzhou, China

          Guangzhou Chow Tai Fook Finance Centre, also known as the East Tower, is the tallest building in the city and the third tallest in China; completed as a multi-use skyscraper in Guangzhou. 

#8. Tianjin CTF Finance Centre - Tianjin, China

          Taking six years to complete, the Tianjin CTF Finance Centre building was opened in 2019 as a 530-meter, tallest building in Tianjin, China. It would technically be the second tallest building in Tianjin, China,  

#9. CITIC Tower - Beijing, China.

          With 119 floors reaching 1,731 feet (528 meters) into the sky, the CITIC Tower, also known as China Zun, is set in Beijing, China, as the nation's tallest building. Located in the city's Central Business District  

#10. Taipei 101 - Taipei, Taiwan

          The office building in Taipei, Taiwan, formerly known as Taipei Financial Center, was designed by a local architectural firm, C.Y. Lee & Partners, as a 101 stories skyscraper. Reaching 1,667 feet (508 meters) into the air, including the spire  

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