10 Urban Legends That Are Actually Based On Real Fact

Himanshi singh       Nov 14, 2022

#. Charlie No-Face

          This urban legend revolves around a man who allegedly burned off his face and several parts of his body. The story continues, stating that this person eventually grew older and hid himself in an abandoned house. 

#. Laced Halloween Candy

          This classic bit of folklore has stuck around in the minds of concerned parents everywhere, especially when the season for scares and ghosts rolls around. 

#Cropsey The Child Kidnapper

         Cropsey was an urban legend that spawned from the minds of people living on Staten Island in New York City. This mysterious figure was rumored to be a homicidal lunatic,  

#Window Pane Pain

         A common story is the tale of the business executive who accidentally threw himself through a window to his death. How did this happen 

#Killers From The Medicine Cabinet

         The classic movie Candyman features a scene where the eponymous Candyman attacks the main character, Helen, through the mirror of her medicine cabinet. It turns out that this horrifying development was actually a real-life case that happened in a southern Chicago  

#Poisoned Medicine

         It's an old and eternal fear that one can be poisoned while taking what they thought was a harmless or helpful substance, in this case, specifically over the counter medication.   

#The Too Real Corpse Decoration

         Another common story is the one describing the decoration of a human body that ends up being too real. That is, it turns out that what was thought to be a prop is actually the real corpse of some poor deceased soul.    

#Bodies Under Hotel Bed

        Few things are scarier than waking up from a nice night in a hotel only to find that you've been sleeping over a corpse the whole time. This urban legend supposedly originated from 1991 and is a gruesome tale     

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