10 Ways Ancient Egyptians Shaped World History

Himanshi singh       Nov 12, 2022

#. Alphabet

          Most people are familiar with the concept of hieroglyphs, a series of pictographic symbols that convey meaning; however, the ancient Egyptians are also credited with developing the first phonetic alphabet 

#. Paper

          Ancient Egyptians were the first people to use paper-like material. Invented in 3000 BC, it is made from papyrus, a plant that grows on the banks of the Nile. The stalks are cut into long strips 

#.Commerce And Trade

          Ancient Egypt was also one of the first civilizations to use waterways as trade routes. In doing so, it became a central hub for commerce in the Mediterranean. In addition to papyrus, they exported linen, grain, gold, ivory, ostrich feathers, and even slaves. 

#.Tools And Craftsmanship

         Ancient Egyptians were one of the first people to make tools from bronze, as opposed to stone and wood. These tools were used for carpentry, hunting, and as weapons. It also allowed them to be master craftsmen. 

#.The First Builder

         Many historians consider the ancient Egyptians to be the first builders known to humankind. In contrast to the wandering nomadic lifestyle, they built dwellings, temples, tombs, and statues which helped establish the concept of homeland. 

#.Medical Science

         Ancient Egyptians were not just craftspeople and builders, but also pioneers of medical science. With the invention of papyrus paper, they were able to record their knowledge of wounds and illnesses, and possible treatments and medicinal recipes. 


        Working in the hot desert sun presented conflicting problems when it came to hair. Having a full head of the stuff was excruciatingly hot, but being bald meant the possibility of an intense sunburn. The solution: a temporary hairpiece that could easily be put on and removed  

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