10 Essential Stops On The Going-To-The-Sun Road In Montana

Himanshi singh       May 19, 2020

#Apgar Village

          This cute little stop-over can provide anything from simple souvenir shopping to a hardy lunch, a full day of exploring, and even a night overlooking the picturesque Lake McDonald from the window of some cozy lodging options. 

#Lake McDonald Lodge

         Pop in for a peak or spend a night at this traditional, Swiss-chalet-style lodge. Built back in 1913, this rustic, photogenic hotel/restaurant enjoys the prime scenery of Lake McDonald’s Eastern shore.  

#Avalanche Creek

        The majestic trails through the old-growth forest make Avalanche Creek one of the most popular spots throughout this drive. A one-mile, wheelchair-accessible boardwalk immerses visitors in the thick tree canopy and gives a great view of Avalanche Gorge 

#Bird Woman Fall

       This 492-foot cascading wonder can be spotted from the side of the road, across the valley, and between Mount Oberlin and Mount Cannon. Take a moment to enjoy Bird Woman Falls as it drops out of what is known as a hanging valley, 

#Oberlin Bend

       Oberlin Bend offers another prime viewing platform, this time looking across to the just-driven portion of the Going-to-the-Sun Road, the impressive valley, and even views as far as the Canadian border (on a clear day). 

#Logan Pa

      Sitting at 6,646 feet above sea level, Logan Pass is the literal and figurative high-point of the Going-to-the-Sun Road. Around 2 million people visit this area during the brief summer season. The subalpine environment is yet another fantastic place to find fields of wildflowers, which look like colorful offerings to the towering Reynolds and Clements Mountains. 

#Lunch Creek

    Treat yourself to the pleasant sounds of gushing waterfalls, and if you arrive in the summer, the fields of blooming wildflowers at Lunch Creek. The water runs down the natural steps that were long-ago carved out of the rock. 

#Siyeh Bend

    This stand-out bend is a perfect place to take a break and stretch your legs because two popular day hikes, Piegan Pass and Siyeh Pass, start from here. Hikers can make their way clear of the road and high into the alpine 

#St. Mary Falls Trailhead

    Towards the Eastern end of the park is another excellent jumping-off point for pristine hikes. One of the most popular routes is the 2.4 - 3.6-mile (depending on if you take the optional extension) hike to St. Mary Falls 

#Sunrift Gorge

    One final place to appreciate the power and magnificence of rushing water is Sunrift Gorge. The gorge has been slowly carved into its current form by the incorrigible waters of the glacially-fed Barring Creek. 

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