5 Ancient Egyptian Myth

Himanshi singh       May 19, 2020

#The Story Of Khnum

        Every year, the annual flooding of the Nile brings with it silt and clay that brings life to its surroundings. There is an ancient Egyptian myth that tells the story of Khnum, also spelled Khnemu, the ancient Egyptian god of fertility, thought to use that clay to create life. 

# The Story Of Osiri

      Osiris was an adored god, all over the country, which angered his brother Set. Envious, Set threw a large gathering to lure his brother, and made the guests play a game: each would have to try to enter the sarcophagus, disguised as a chest, decorated with gold sheets and symbols. Whoever could get in would get to keep it. 

# The Story Of Re

     Egyptian Gods were always depicted as half mortals, half animals, for these creatures held an important status in Ancient Egypt, and showcased the power these Gods possessed. The sun god Re (or Ra), one of the most important deities, was a man with the head of a hawk, meant to represent the sky and travel. According to the myth, Re passed through the underworld each night, where he battled demons, and then rose each morning as the sun, bringing life to the world. 

# Magical Creature

    Whether as deities, fertility symbols, or powerful totems of fear, protection, and luck, animals always played an important role in ancient Egypt. Many papyrus drawings featured animals in the homes of Egyptian people. 

# The Underworld

  Ancient Egyptians believed that there was still life after death and that one would need their physical body in order to ensure that their soul could go on. Otherwise, the spirit could not enter the afterlife, which is why tomb preparation was a crucial ritual for Egyptians. Egyptians embalmed the bodies of the dead to preserve them as much as possible, through the process called mummification.  

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