6 US Regions That Could Disappear Underwater By 2050

Himanshi singh       May 19, 2020

#Louisiana Seaboard 

       Louisiana has a lot of low-lying lands, especially along the seaboard. Over 5,631 square miles of the state sits less than 6 feet below sea level with over a million inhabitants, a quarter of which lack levee protection.  

#The State Of Washington

       Washington's pesky rain and low-lying region relative to the sea level of the Pacific Ocean may soon be too much for the state to handle. The whole state of Washington, including land around the Chesapeake and near DC, is sinking.  

#Southern Florida 

    NOAA is alarming south Floridians to brace themselves for worsening and unpredictable weather patterns. Southern Florida's low-lying coast is already prone to hurricanes and severe storms. The conditions are projected to worsen from the climate change effects of stronger and more frequent downpours.   

#Western Oregon

    Oregon is another low-lying state, with a western side-set under three feet above sea level. The state is home to a vast river system and sea-facing communities into the Pacific Ocean on the western side. Oregon has already "weathered" many sides of global warming, from wildfires and droughts to sea level rise and climate change. 

#The South-Eastern Coast 

    NOAA reports that the eastern United States may face an even higher sea level rise than its western counterpart. The East Coast could experience 14 inches of sea level rise and the Gulf Coast up to 18 inches by 2050.   

#Southern California

    According to a federal study, the sea level is expected to rise as much as one foot along California's southern coast by 2050. Many low-lying communities in Southern California are already subject to seasonal or annual high-tide flooding, including Venice, Seal Beach, Newport, and parts of Huntington Beach. 


   Multiple West Coast communities subject to king tides are expected to face a new "flooding regime," where the ocean will invade the shoreline even at low tide. Consequently, there will be trouble during a high tide, where a single event can drown entire towns and cities along the western coast.  

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