7 Interesting Facts About Ancient Greece

Himanshi singh       May 19, 2020

#The Origin Of The Country's Name

        The Greeks called their nation "Hellas" or "Hellada", and themselves "Hellenes". The country's official name was the Hellenic Republic until the Romans came up with the word Greece, which originates from the Latin word Graecia, or "land of the Greeks", and the name stuck around. 

#The Very First Marathon

       Many already know of the history of the Olympic games that were initially held in Olympia to amuse the public, and have ever since become a tradition carrying into the modern world. But did you know that the very first marathon did not initially stem from sheer public entertainment?  

#The Invention Of The Alarm Clock 

     this particular invention as the bane of their existence, the alarm clock remains a very useful tool. Created by a Hellenistic engineer named Ctesibus, one of the first variations of the alarm clock featured an elaborate system of dropping tiny pebbles onto a gong in order to make a loud sound. The sound would occur at specific times in order to wake people up or to remind them of events happening throughout the day. 

#They Made Their Umbrellas Out Of Bone

     the elements could not have been pleasant in Ancient Greece, but its inhabitants were creative, finding ways to protect themselves from the rain. The oldest references to umbrellas are from drawings found in ancient wall paintings. They show Greeks using umbrellas made of wooden sticks or even bones, covered with leaves or wood panels. 

#Ancient Greeks Used Stones For Toilet Paper

 Ancient Greece may have come up with many cool inventions, but the lack of toilet paper back in those days did not result in the best substitute. There are many things people have used over the centuries in place of toilet paper, including leaves, coconut shells, wool, or plain water, but the Greeks had another system. They used flat stones, pebbles, or ceramic pieces, 

#Ancient Greeks Added Water To Their Wine

Wine has always been an essential part of festivities, especially for the Ancient Greeks. According to their mythology, Dionysus, the god of wine, was the only being that could drink wine without ever getting drunk. For mortals, however, getting drunk was a habit only suited to barbarians. 

#Handshakes Originated In Ancient Greece

The earliest depiction of a handshake was actually on an early 5th century B.C. archaeological relief, showing the wife of Zeus and goddess of marriage, Hera, shaking hands with Athena, the goddess of war in ancient Greek mythology. It was a symbol of peace, to show that neither side was carrying any weapons and that they were coming together.  

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