7 Of The Most Beautiful Islands In The World

Himanshi singh       May 19, 2020

#Seychelles, Or Republic Of Seychelle

         The Seychelles Island Republic is a 115-island archipelago in the western Indian Ocean, to the east of Kenya and north of Madagascar. This beautiful spot attracts many visitors every year looking for a romantic vacation with their loved ones. 

#Azores, Portugal

        The Azores Islands are a Portuguese archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean, approximately 930 miles from Lisbon and 2,400 miles from North America's east coast. Best known for whale and dolphin watching, a good third of the world's cetacean species pass through or inhabit the area. 

#Komodo, Indonesia

      Komodo Island has rapidly become one of Indonesia's must-see destinations. It is home to the Komodo dragon, a three-meter-long lizard known for its lethality. You may see one up close during one of your visits should you be brave enough. 

#St Lucia, Caribbean Sea

     Saint Lucia is an amazing secluded paradise with volcanic origins, located about 24 miles south of Martinique and 21 miles northeast of St Vincent, in the Caribbean sea. 

#Crete, Greece

    Crete, known throughout history for being the mystical birthplace of Zeus, is a breathtaking Greek island that offers some of the most enchanting beaches and lagoons in the world. Aside from the delicious cuisine and beautiful architecture, you can visit a ton of places featured in ancient mythology. 

#La Reunion, French Republic 

   La Réunion is an island in the Indian Ocean and a territory of France. The island is great for exploring the rich variety of cultures that inhabit it, and the incredible mountainscapes and forests that stretch out all along the coast. 

#Palawan, Philippine

  There is a reason Palawan is one of the world's best islands. Known for being the largest province in the Philippines, the island stretches southwest to Borneo, featuring seductive limestone peaks that overlook white sand beaches, beautiful emerald water, and giant palm trees.  

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