7 Of The World's Greatest Ancient Empire

Himanshi singh       May 19, 2020

#The Akkadian Empire 2334 – 2154 BC

          The Akkadian Empire makes our list of greatest empires not because of its size, the reality is the Akkadian Empire was small compared to the many empires that would follow. What makes this little empire remarkable is its age. 

#The Assyrian Empire 2025 – 605 BC

          The Assyrian Empire blasts onto our list of greatest empires because it was the most powerful empire to arise out of the ancient Middle-East. Located in modern day Iraq and Turkey this empire united most of the Middle-East and spanned from Egypt to the Persian Gulf. 

#The Babylonian Empire 1894 – 1595 B.C.

          The city of Babylon was first founded around 4,000 B.C., however, it would not rise to political significance for another 3,894 years. Nestled between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers and located near modern-day Bagdad, this ancient empire was named after its capital city,  

#The Hittite Empire (1600 – 1193 B.C.)

          Not much is known about the Hittite Empire. They suddenly emerge on the scene around the start of the second millennium most likely hailing from beyond the Black Sea, this ancient Indo-European people gradually became the regions super power.   

#The Egyptian Empire (1539 – 1292 B.C.)

          The Ancient Egyptian Civilization is much older than its empire. With people living in Egypt as far back as the third millennium. However, Egypt didn’t begin its empire until 1550 B.C. When, led by Ahmose, the entire Egyptian Civilization was united under his centralized government    

#The Carthaginian Empire (650 – 146 B.C.)

        The Carthaginian Empire diverged its name from the capital city, Carthage. Located on the coast of North Africa, Carthage was uniquely positioned to control ships on their way to the Mediterranean Sea.  

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