7 Wonders of America


Maja Ma

Here are seven of the best national parks the United States has to offer. Four of them are listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites. 


Yellowstone National Park

the “mother park,” the country’s and world’s first national park. Occupying the northwest corner of Wyoming and slivers of eastern Idaho and southern Montana 


Grand Teton National Park

It is one of America’s most breathtakingly scenic places and the subject of countless photographs. 


Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon winds for 277 miles (446) km across northwestern Arizona in an intricately carved chasm of imposing peaks 


Rocky Mountain National Park

It is home to dozens of peaks over 12,000 feet (3,650 meters) in elevation, capped by Longs Peak at 14,259 feet (4,346 meters). 


Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier is a mountaineering mecca, with thousands of climbers ascending to its 14,410-foot (4,392-meter) summit annually. 


Olympic National Park

A small unit of the park on the west coast of the peninsula contains scenic beaches and islets. 


Mammoth Cave National Park

The cave is inhabited by several unique animal species, including cave crickets, eyeless fish, and eyeless crayfish. 

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