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Himanshi singh              May 19, 2020

Main to mela mein ja aai re

Main To Mela Mein Ja Aai Re song is from the Rajasthani album Gori Nakhra Wali which was released in August 2003. Also, there are a total of 9 songs in Gori Nakhra Wali. 


Ghoomar is often performed on special occasions, such as at weddings, festivals, and religious occasions. The Ghoomar music is also blissful with a fast pace of futuristic touch 

Peeli Lugdi 

Peeli Lugdi is another famous song from the album “Gori Nakhra Wali”. And the talented artists who give voice in the song are Rekha Rao, Parmeshwar Premi.   

Aaya Chakri Mein Jhulena 

The singers Kumar Vishu, Rekha Rao, Sangeeta, and Renuka have sung this Rajasthani song – “Aaya Chakri Mein Jhulena”. 

Jawai Ji Pawna

The song is about Son-in-law, the newly-married girl family. Especially mother-in-law, wants their son-in-law to visit their house for the first time after marriage for hospitality but the son-in-law keeps dodging their invitation  

Kaalyo kud Padyo mela mei

It is quite a popular folk song in Rajasthan for Kalbelia dance. Also, it talks about a boy who went to a fair and punctured his bicycle. 

Kaalyo kud Padyo mela mei

The singer Seema Mishra has sung this Rajasthani song – “Chudi Chamke”. This song talks about a girl who is all dolled-up to meet her beloved. 

Kesariya Balam

Rajasthan introduction is incomplete without this song in its background Kesariya Balam is an Indian folk song from Rajasthan.  

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