Animals Found In Switzerland

Himanshi singh       Nov 11, 2022

#Alpine Marmot

          Alpine marmots are the largest species of the squirrel family. They are found in the Swiss Alps from 2,500 to 10,000 ft. Marmots are excellent diggers and therefore live in burrows. 

#Alpine Ibex

       The Alpine ibex is a species of the mountain goat that is easily distinguished because of the long curved horns in males, and the smaller but thinner horns in females.  

#Brown Bear

          The brown bear is an endangered species in Switzerland. In fact, it was an extinct animal for almost a century after the last bear was killed in 1904. 


          The chamois is among the few large animals that never became extinct in Switzerland although the population has remained low for the past century.  

#Mountain Hare

          The mountain hare is a species of the hare family that has adapted to the mountainous and polar habitats. They are found across the mountainous regions of Switzerland especially in national parks, 

#Bearded Vulture

          The bearded vulture was hunted to extinction in Switzerland in the 19th century because the local population believed that the bird could kill sheep, horses, goats, and even children. It is locally known as the Lämmergeier which translates to ‘lamb vulture' 

#Bearded Vulture

The red deer is the largest hooved wild animal in Switzerland. The deer was hunted to extinction in the 19th century. Their extinction led to the extinction or migration of predators. The government outlawed the hunting of the red deer 

#Bearded Vulture

          The golden eagle once roamed the entire Central Europe but it was hunted to near extinction in the 19th and 20th century. The intervention of the government saved the bird from total extermination. 

#European Mole

          The European mole is among the animals native to Switzerland. They are found in every corner of the European continent from Britain in the east to Russia in the west, except for a few isolated places 

#Barn Owl

         The barn owl/common barn owl is among the most widely distributed birds in the world. It is found across the globe except in deserts and polar regions, Pacific islands, and Indonesia. 

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