Animals That Kill The Most Human

Himanshi singh       Nov 17, 2022

#1. Mosquitoes (~ 1,000,000 Deaths)

          These swarming yet stealthy insects have proven to be more than just an annoyance to the human race. In some parts of the world, female mosquitoes (the ones that do the biting)  

#2. Humans (~ 475,000 Deaths)

We are perhaps our own worst enemies. Though our propensity to kill one another has thankfully diminished over the centuries (and particularly following the World Wars),    

#3. Snakes (~ 50,000 Deaths)

The first entry on this list that likely aligns with the average connotation for "deadliest animals" is the snake. Venomous serpents slither into our dreams, cultural myths, and everyday 

#4. Dogs (~ 25,000 Deaths)

Dog lovers will be disappointed to hear that an estimated 25,000 people are killed yearly because of certain not-so-cuddly canines. 

#5. TseTse Flies (~ 10,000 Deaths)

After dogs, the next five animals are small and relatively unassuming, perhaps making them more dangerous. Tsetse flies throughout Africa are carriers of the parasite that causes the sleeping sickness disease  

#6. Assassin Bugs (~ 10,000 Deaths)

Assassin bugs, also known as Kissing bugs, are attracted to lights in homes where they find their prey, humans. These bugs bite people spreading the parasite that causes Chagas disease 

#7. Freshwater Snails (~ 10,000 Deaths)

Another 10,000 lives are lost to freshwater snails, which carry another type of parasite. Infected snails can pass along schistosomiasis to humans, which causes flu-like symptoms, blood vomits, and leg paralysis. 

#8. Ascaris Roundworm (~ 2,500 Deaths)

These creepy-crawlies are responsible for at least 2,500 deaths a year. These worms cause ascariasis, primarily an infection of the small intestine. 

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