Astounding Facts About The Great Pyramid Of Giza

Himanshi singh       Nov 16, 2022

#1. It Was Constructed During The Reign Of King Khufu

          The pyramid was constructed during the reign of King Khufu (2589-2566 BCE). He was the second king of the fourth dynasty of Egyptian kings. 

#2. The Other Two Pyramids Are For Khufu’s Son And Grandson

          The Great Pyramid is just one of the three major pyramids in Giza. The second-oldest one is the Pyramid of Khafre which was built as a tomb for Khafre, Khufu’s son 

#3. It Was Built Over 20 Year

It took about 20 years for the Great Pyramid to be completed. The Greek historian Herodotus posited that the work required 100,000 laborers who were divided into five clans of 20,000 men each 

#4. It May Have Been For A Different Purpose Other Than A Tomb

Although it is widely believed that this landmark was constructed as the final resting place for the king after death, 

#5. It Was The Tallest Human-Made Structure For 3,800 Year

The pyramid was the tallest structure made by humans for a record 3,800 years until the completion of the Lincoln Cathedral (England) in 1300 CE, which is 520 feet tall (160 m).  

#6. The Pyramid Is Surrounded By Several Other Structure

The pyramid is surrounded by several structures, including smaller pyramids. The tomb of Khufu’s mother, Queen Hetepheres is also nearby. 

#7. Over 2 Million Stone Blocks Were Used In The Construction

The Egyptian monument comprises up to 2.5 million blocks of stones, some of which are massive, especially the pink granite in the King’s Chamber, 

#8. Sir William Flinders Petrie Was The First Person To Excavate The Pyramid

Sir William Mathew Flinders Petrie was the first person to use modern techniques and scientific analysis to excavate the pyramid.  

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