Awesome Reasons To Visit The Galapagos Island

Himanshi singh       Nov 19, 2022

#10. The Wet Season

          the Galapagos Islands are situated within the equatorial eastern Pacific, and lie in the trade wind zone 


#9. The Dry Season

          While the wet season brings visitors like sea turtles and curious humans, in June when the trade wind strengthens 


#8. Volcanoe

         While the flora and fauna are the highlights of the islands, the chance to visit active volcanoes is another draw.  


#7. Beache

        As one of the most protected places on earth, the beaches of the Galapagos are secluded and pristine with white sand, rocky outcroppings, and turquoise waters.  


#6. Marine Reserve And Water Activitie

        While the largely untouched beaches, volcanoes, and wildlife of the Galapagos are remarkable, they are only half the story.  


#5. Galapagos Tortoise

    For more than a million years, giant tortoises lived on this tropical island paradise without any predators. 


#4. Flightless Cormorant

    One of the worlds’ largest birds, the Galapagos cormorant (Phalacrocorax harrisi) has adapted to its lack of predators and bountiful seashore food source 


#3. Galapagos Penguin

    No need to travel to the South Pole, or even the Southern Hemisphere, if you want to see penguins. 


#2. Galapagos Iguana

    The Galapagos is home to two unique reptile species: the Galapagos Land Iguana and the Galapagos Marine Iguana. 


#1. Darwin Finche

    Other avian species endemic to the Galapagos are birds often referred to as ‘Darwin’s Finches’.  


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