Biggest Agricultural Products Of The United State

Himanshi singh       Nov 19, 2022


          The United States is the world's largest producer of corn. In 2018, the nation had 89.1 million acres of land under corn, 81.7 million acres of which were harvested, 


#Cow's Milk (Whole, Fresh)

         The United States is also the world's top producer of cow's milk. In 2018, the country produced 98.7 million tonnes, representing a one million tonne increase compared to 2017 



       The United States is the world's top soybean producer. In 2018, the country produced over 120 million tonnes, representing 34% of global production. 



       The United States is the fourth-largest producer of wheat after China, India, and Russia. It is the third most-produced crop in the US after corn and soybeans. 


#Sugar Beet

       The sugar beet is a plant that contains a high concentration of sucrose, and is therefore used in the production of sugar 


#  Potato

      These are what make the potatoes we grow in the United States of America so special. Our potatoes are the product of generations of sustainable farming knowledge.  


#  Chicken meat

      Chicken meat is a type of animal protein found in poultry. Chicken meat is considered white meat, which has long been known as a healthier option for red meat like beef, pork, and lamb. 


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