Caspian Sea

Himanshi singh       Nov 18, 2022

#Where Is The Caspian Sea?

          The Caspian Sea is an endorheic basin (drainage basin without an outflow).  It covers a total surface area of about 386,400 km2 and is about 1,200 km long and 320 km wide. 


#Is The Caspian Sea A Lake?

         Going by the definition of a sea, the Caspian Sea is a lake and not a sea as it is an enclosed water body without any direct outlet to the ocean.  


#Is The Caspian Sea A Freshwater Or Saline Water Body?

       Although most sources consider the Caspian Sea the world’s largest lake, it is not the largest freshwater lake. It can be classified as a brackish water body.   


#Islands In The Caspian Sea

       The Caspian Sea contains about 50 small islands. These islands have a total land area of approximately 2,000 km2 and are mainly located on the sea’s northern portion.  


#The Climate Of The Caspian Sea

       The Caspian Sea region is one of the world’s dry regions. The large water body crosses more than one climate region.  


#Human Settlement Along The Caspian Sea

      Several cities and towns are located along the Caspian Sea. These cities are home to thousands of people, many of which depend on the sea for their survival.   


#Marine Life And Protected Area

      The Caspian Sea is rich in biodiversity and considered one of the world’s independent zoogeographical regions. It is home to some rare and endemic species. 



      The Caspian Sea is a significant crude oil supplier. It produces about 1.5 million barrels of crude oil and natural gas per day, accounting for about 1.9% of the world’s total.  


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