Darwin's Galapagos Finche

Himanshi singh       Nov 19, 2022

#5. Darwin's Finch Discoverie

         It was a study of the biodiversity of the species of these islands that gave rise to the famous scientific theory of evolution through natural selection by Charles Darwin. 


#4.The 15 Finch Specie

         Darwin’s finches are a collection of 15 different species of finches, all of them belonging to the Passeriformes order and tanager family. 


#3. Habitat

         All of Darwin’s finches are native to the Galapagos Islands except for one, the Cocos finch which is found in the nearby Cocos Island in the east Pacific Ocean. 


#2. Research Role

        The Darwin’s finches helped Charles Darwin derive his theories on evolution and natural selection.  


#1. Avian Conservation

        A species of nest fly lays parasitic larvae in the eggs and nestlings of these birds which grows inside the young ones and attack them, leading to their death.   


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