Famous buildings in New York City: 8 favorites the world knows and love

Himanshi singh       Nov 10, 2022

#Metropolitan Museum of Art

          It makes a museum fan's heart swell -- standing on the Fifth Avenue sidewalk, staring at the gorgeous Beaux Arts exterior and contemplating the worldly treasures inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art 

#New York Public Library

From the iconic lion statues guarding the entrance to the rich and elegant interior, the main branch of the New York Public Library at Bryant Park is a reminder that books -- and the libraries that hold them -- matter. 

#New York Stock Exchange

Culture and the arts are nice, but let's face it: New York's a money town when you get down to it. And the New York Stock Exchange, with its Roman-inspired, neo-Classical facade and six huge columns, is its beating heart. 

#One Times Square

The One Times Square building makes this list for one key reason: location. Occupying prime space in the human whirlwind that spins in Times Square, it's hard to miss  

#One World Trade Center

Counting the antenna, One World Trade Center is tallest building in the city at 1,776 feet (and yes, that was on symbolic purpose). It stands tall in the hearts of New Yorkers as the resilient response to the 9/11 terror

#Radio City Music Hall

It's home to the high-kickin' Rockettes, so it's good that Radio City Music Hall is the world's largest indoor theater. John D. Rockefeller Jr. envisioned a gleaming complex in Midtown Manhattan

#30 Rock

Radio City was just the first structure of Rockefeller's Midtown complex to open. 1933 saw the opening of the now-iconic tower 30 Rockefeller Plaza. The Art Deco building has 70 above-ground floors and rises 850 feet (259 meters).

#St. Patrick's Cathedral

New York is a city with many houses of worship, but its standout has to be St. Patrick's Cathedral. The marble Gothic Revival structure, with its 330-foot spires 

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