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Himanshi singh       May 19, 2020

Sonal Chauhan

#anushka sharma

          Anushka Sharma workout routine involves- Yoga. She is addicted to yoga as it rejuvenates her mind and make her more flexible and agile Her gym regime mainly comprises of weight and strength training If she is shooting at a far location she goes for a walk or jog 

#janhavi kapoor

        To stay fit is not any magic; she exercises every day to retain her fitness. She performs cardio stunts and weightlifting regularly at the gym. Sometimes she went out jogging, swimming, and jumping at home in case she misses out on the gym. 

#Shraddha Kapoor

          – Push-ups, pull-ups, leg legs curls, one leg barbell squat, front barbel squat, cranes and stretching. – Shraddha Kapoor spends about 30-45 minutes of cycling, cardio exercise, and treadmill. – For a flexible, energetic, strong body and good concentration, she regularly practices aerobics and pilates.

#Disha Patani’s 

        Disha Patani’s Workout Plan. Disha Patani’s fitness routine includes dancing, pilates, swimming, weight training, and yoga. Disha considers dancing an important component of her fitness regime. While working in Kung Fu Yoga alongside Jackie Chan, she learned a new dance form ‘Square dancing’ and she loved it. She loved the calming, fun and fitness effects of it. 

#Nargis Fakhri 

         Nargis Fakhri Workout Routine Diet Plan. Nargis Fakhri does yoga, meditation (part of yoga), running for around 30 minutes, and stretching exercises to keep Statistics 

#Parineeti Chopra

       – Parineeti starts her day with intense 10 minutes of jogging every day. – To keep herself stress free and relaxed, Parineeti practices meditation for 15-20 minutes as it is must for her. – She performs power yoga for 1 hour.

#Rani Mukherjee

        Rani spends one hour at the gym regularly where she does a whole lot of cardio exercises. She does yoga next to improve her breathing and immune system. She trains with her fitness instructor Payal Gidwani who has recently said that Rani can easily do 100 Suryanamaskars and 2000-2500 Kapalabharti at one go. 

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