Here are 14 Handy Tricks for Saving Money in College 


Choose your college wisely, if possible

choosing your college wisely, whether that means going to your second choice school because they offered you a full scholarship or spending a year at community college to cut down on costs, can make a huge difference. 


Create a personalized budget

if you don't currently have an income, look at the past three months of spending and see how much you spend on average for categories like food, clothes, school supplies, entertainment, etc.  


Decide what's uniquely worth spending on for you

The 50/30/20 rule is great, but like snowflakes or fingerprints, budgets are unique to each person. 


Consider living at home

if you wouldn't mind living at home, you might be able to save $11,557 - $12,857  in a single year. 


Pick free activitie

Take advantage of the endless opportunities that your college campus offers to students for free. 


Be transparent with your friend

Saying yes and showing up for your friends is important — but you also don't want to let your future self down by spending a ton of money that you don't have. 


Make a "want" list

Each time you're thinking about purchasing an item, write it down on your want list (or spreadsheet) and then wait one week. 


Utilize your dining hall

Suggest grabbing an on-campus meal when you catch up with a friend rather than hitting an expensive restaurant each time. 


Be smart with your textbook

If you're truly strapped for cash, you might even be able to find PDF versions of your textbook uploaded online by doing a quick Google search. 


Check out free Facebook group

sell your old textbooks, and even get notified about free showcases and events on campus. 

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