How Many Types Of Pollution Are There?

Himanshi singh       Nov 15, 2022

#Air Pollution

Air Pollution refers to the addition of harmful contaminants, such as toxic gases, particulate matter, chemicals, biological molecules, etc., that modify the natural characteristics of the Earth’s atmosphere. 

#Water Pollution

Also referred to as Aquatic Pollution, Water Pollution refers to the contamination of water bodies like lakes, rivers, aquifers, groundwater, and oceans by various toxic pollutants and particulate matter.  

#Soil Contamination

Soil Pollution or land degradation refers to the alteration in the natural soil environment of an area by harmful xenobiotic chemicals. Soil Pollution is mainly caused by agrochemicals, industrial chemicals, solid waste disposal, landfill, and petrochemicals 

#Noise Pollution

Also referred to as sound pollution, Noise Pollution refers to the extreme amount of noise in the surrounding that disrupts the natural balance, affecting human and animal life. There are several contributors to noise pollution, 

#Plastic Pollution

The accumulation of plastic objects and materials in the Earth’s environment is referred to as Plastic Pollution. The chemical structure of plastics makes them resistant to natural degradation  

#Radioactive Contamination

Also referred to as Radiological Pollution, Radioactive Contamination is caused by the presence of radioactive materials where their presence is most undesirable.   

#Light Pollution

Light Pollution refers to the pollution of the night environment by excessive anthropogenic light. This type of pollution is usually caused by too much use of artificial light to illuminate streets, buildings, advertisement hoardings, industrial areas, sporting venues, etc.  

#Thermal Pollution

Often known as “thermal enrichment,” Thermal Pollution refers to the degradation of water quality by processes that induce a change in ambient water temperature. It is mainly caused by the water used as a coolant in power plants and manufacturing units that becomes heated during the process.  

#Visual Pollution

Visual Pollution refers to the installation of ugly physical barriers by human activities that affects one’s ability to enjoy and appreciate the clear vision of natural and manmade landscapes. Visual pollution is created by the open disposal of garbage in different places, .  

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