Interesting Facts About Mona Lisa That Will Surprise You


The Painting Was Once Believed To Be A Self-Portrait

Some people believed that Leonardo da Vinci (the painter of this piece) may have depicted himself with feminine features in this painting. 


The Lady’s Name Wasn’t Actually Mona Lisa

Her name was Lisa del Giocondo, (Lisa Gherardini), and lived from June 15, 1479, to July 15, 1542). She came from a line of a wealthy family in the city of Florence. 


The Mona Lisa Wasn’t Painted On A Regular Canva

This masterpiece was actually painted on a poplar plank. However, this wasn’t uncommon for Renaissance artworks. 


Mona Lisa May Be Unfinished

It’s said that da Vinci’s right hand became partially paralyzed in 1517 before he could finish the Mona Lisa. 


The Painting Has Lived With Several French Monarch

Mona Lisa is that the painting has lived with several monarchs, including King Francis I, King Louis XIV, and Napoleon Bonaparte. 


It May Be Smaller Than You Think

This may sound disappointing, but this oil-on-wood painting only measures 77 cm × 53 cm (30 in × 21 in). 


It’s Kept In A Bulletproof Glass

Back in the 1950s, a museum visitor poured acid on the Mona Lisa, and to keep the masterpiece safe, it was put behind transparent glass. 


The Mona Lisa Cannot Be Bought Nor Sold

Mona Lisa cannot be bought nor sold according to the French Heritage law. 


A Heist Helped Cement Its “Masterpiece” Status

Gossips about the heist also surfaced, further cementing the Mona Lisa’s status as a household name. Even Pablo Picasso was once accused of stealing the painting! 


The Public Mourned When She Was Stolen

After the painting was stolen, thousands immediately came to the Louvre Museum to stare at the blank wall where it once hung. 


Vincenzo Peruggia Was The Real Thief Of Mona Lisa

Though Picasso was a suspect, the real culprit was a handy Italian man named Vincenzo Peruggia. 

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