Lake Malawi

Himanshi singh       Nov 18, 2022


          Lake Malawi is 560-580 km long from north to south and has a maximum width of 75 km. The lake is located at an elevation of 468 m above sea level and has an average depth of 292 m. 


#The Zambezi River

          The fourth longest river system in Africa, the Zambezi arises from its source near a marshy bog on the Central African Plateau of Zambia at an altitude of 4,800 feet above sea level 



         Lake Malawi is one of the largest Rift Valley lakes and an ancient lake in the East African Rift, a rift zone with an active continental plate. 


#Border Dispute

         Lake Malawi lies on the Tanzania-Malawi-Mozambique border and has a shoreline on eastern Malawi, western Mozambique, and southern Tanzania.  



         Lake Malawi has the world’s highest number of fish species, and fishing is a major economic activity around the lake. However, the fish population is threatened by pollution and overfishing. 


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