Lake Superior

Himanshi singh       Nov 18, 2022

#Origin Of The Name

          The Native Ojibwa People referred to Lake Superior as “gitche gumee” or gitchi-gami,” meaning “Big Sea Water” or “Great Sea.” Some sources refer to the lake as “Ojibwe Gichigami,” meaning "Ojibwe’s Great Sea." 



          Lake Superior is one of the five Great Lakes located in North America’s mid-eastern region. It is the northernmost and westernmost of the five lakes situated on the Canada-US border.   



         Lake Superior is the world’s largest freshwater lake by surface area, covering about 82,000 square kilometers.   


#Formation And History

         Lake Superior’s formation began about 1.2 billion years ago and resulted from the North America Mid-Continent Rift.   



         Lake Superior hosts over 80 fish species, including the native species such as bloater, banded killifish, brook trout, cisco, burbot, lake trout, lake sturgeon, and longnose sucker.   


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