Lost City Of Sigiriya

Himanshi singh       Nov 16, 2022

#What Is The Lost City Of Sigiriya?

          Constructed in the late 5th century CE during King Kasyapa’s reign, Sigiriya was a fortress. Built as a safeguard against enemies, the city covers several acres, 

#History Of The Lost City Of Sigiriya

          Anuradhapura was the ancient capital of Sri Lanka and is still the capital of the North Central province. The parricidal King Kasyapa, however, fearing attack from the rightful heir, 

#History Of The Lost City Of Sigiriya

         Upon re-discovery by Europeans in the early 1800s, historians and archeologists have worked tirelessly to protect the art and architecture on the grounds. 

#Visiting Sigiriya

          Located just over three hours from the capital, Colombo, the site is open to tourists every day of the year from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm. The nearest major town is Dambulla 

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