Martial Arts Belts: Everything You Need to Know

Maja Ma

If you are a martial art student, your rank will be denoted by the color of the belt tied around your waist with your uniform. 

White Belt

This is the belt usually worn by beginners and it symbolizes the birth of a seed or a fresh beginning. This belt is giving to those people that are just starting their skills in martial art. 

Yellow Belt

This is the second level in martial art and the color represents the idea that the sun is warming the seed.  

Orange Belt  

This is the third stage of martial art skills and it represents that the seed is getting warmed and strengthened to prepare them for new growth. It usually denotes a student’s body and minds starting to develop and strengthen. 

Green Belt

This is the fourth stage of martial art skills and it usually signifies that the student is beginning to hone his or her skills and has begun to learn how to refine and strengthen his techniques of martial arts. 

Blue Belt

This is the blue belt and it represents the process to possess a certain level of more confidence where the student becomes stronger and continues to get the needed knowledge to ensure the correct path is being followed. 

Purple Belt

This is the stage where students get ready to transit to an advanced level in martial art, a stage where a student has to understand what he requires to obtain the highest rank of black belt that is no so far away. 

Brown Belt 

The brown belt is the stage when the student starts to appreciate all the hard work and dedication he has put into attaining the skills since he started with a white belt.  

Black Belt

This is the most prestigious stage of martial art belts and it is the time a student must have full control of his or her abilities and knowledge and also possess the power to teach them to new students.    

Red Belt

The red belt could sometimes denote a pre-black stage where the student becomes powerful in abilities and must respect and recognize this power.  

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