Most Dangerous Cities In California

Himanshi singh       Nov 14, 2022

#1. San Bernadino - 1,364 Violent Crimes Per Capita

         A part of the Los Angeles Metro Area, San Bernadino has the highest violent crime rate in all of Califonia. Crime rates have risen in this area since 2017 and have not slowed down since. 

#2. Oakland - 1,303 Violent Crimes Per Capita

         It should be no surprise to see Oakland on this list. A city that is commonly associated with gang activity and criminality, many residents have been waiting far too long for Oakland to shed its rough and dangerous reputation. 

#3. Stockton - 1,248 Violent Crimes Per Capita

         Stockton, a city known for its rough demeanor has seen a resurgence in crime in the latter part of the previous decade. 2022 is shaping up to be a bad year for the city as its number of homicides already surpassed last year's. 

#4. Compton - 1,201 Violent Crimes Per Capita

         A city all too familiar with violence and gang culture, Compton still has a high violent crime rate relative to its population size. Despite its bad reputation from previous decades, Compton has seen a steady 

#5. Richmond - 928 Violent Crimes Per Capita

        A part of the larger San Francisco Bay Area, Richmond has seen a steady increase in violent crimes since early 2014. Known for its beautiful ocean-side views and outdoor activities, 

#6. Los Angeles - 750 Violent Crimes Per Capita

        Los Angeles has seen better days. Battling with street violence, rampant homelessness, and drug addiction, the LAPD has been struggling to keep up. Social services are also lagging behind the issue. 

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