Most Populous Animals On Earth

Himanshi singh       Nov 10, 2022

#Donkeys - Over 40 Million

          Donkeys have been domesticated since 4,000 BCE. These hard-working creatures are used as draught or pack animals in developing countries of the Global South. 

#Goats - 45 Million

          There are over 900,000,000 goats around the world, with three main types being the Domesticated (Capra Hircus), the Wild (Capra Genus), and Mountain Goats (Oreamnos Americanus).  

#Cats - 400 Million

          there are more than 70 different breeds of cats, and at least 373 million cats are kept as pets around the world today, out of the global total of over 600,000,000.  

#Pigs - 678 Million

          Although there are some who keep pigs as pets, unfortunately, the sole purpose of breeding pigs today is for meat production for pork, sausages, bacon and lard a popular delicacy in Eastern European countries.  

#Dogs - 900 Million - 1 Billion

          there are about 471 million dogs kept as pets in the world. Although Asia followed by Africa have the highest number of dogs, the vast majority of dogs in those continents are unaccounted for, being either strays or unregistered.  

#Cows - 987.51 Million

          The cow population has been declining slowly but steadily over the last decade in parts of the Western world, as people are becoming less dependent on their products, 

#Sheep - Over 1 Billion

        There are over 1 billion sheep in the world. However, because it is very time-consuming and difficult to keep sheep, the number of total sheep in the world is growing smaller. 

#Bats - Unknown

        Bats are astonishing creatures. They are the only mammals that can fly, and we currently do not know just how many of them share the Earth with us. 

# Rodents - Unknown

     The most common rodents in the world are rats, mice and squirrels, with guesstimates being over 10 billion for the first two. There are 200 different species of squirrels around the world, except Australia and New Zealand.  . 

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