Payette Lake, Idaho

Himanshi singh       May 19, 2020

#Geography Of Payette Lake

         The 4,986.7-acre Payette Lake is a clear, glacial water body situated in the Idaho highlands at an elevation of roughly 1,520 m above sea level. The lake is located in the Payette River's upper drainage basin, which finally empties into the Snake River.  

#History Of Payette Lake

       The region had been inhabited by Native Americans for thousands of years before hunters from Europe arrived in the 1830s. The lake area witnessed an influx of miners after gold was discovered in Payette Lake's upper drainage basin in 1862.  

#Wildlife In Payette Lake

     The lake's pristine waters serve as a shelter for various animals. Deer, elk, and moose are frequently seen along the water's edge (along the Upper Payette River near North Beach). 

#Recreational Activities In Payette Lake

    Payette Lake is a favorite among anglers due to the variety of fish species that can be caught here. Small streams of the lake offer shallow water fishing from the banks, and anglers find the water ideal for fly fishing. One may also go boat fishing for tiger muskie, walleye, crappie, smallmouth bass, and trout.  

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