Reasons Why The British Were Successful In Expanding Their Empire

Himanshi singh       Nov 19, 2022

#9. They Were Driven By Competition With Their Neighbour France

          British settlements in the Canadian prairies and into British Columbia enabled British influence to expand to the Pacific 


#8. They Embraced Privatization

        Private companies and enterprises led much of the growth of British expansion. The London Company, the Plymouth Company, and the East India Company, 


#7. They Utilized Government Policies For Profit With Little Regard For Native Population

        legislation that followed would assert British rule over all British Colonies, giving them further economic power. 


#6. The Needed Resource

       As far as landmass is concerned, Britain is not an overly large country. Growth of economy requires the accumulation of a surplus of resources 


#5. They Saw Economic Opportunitie

       Trade, land and the exportation of resources were critical for increased profit, but secondary industries and careers were also booming. 


#4. They Recognized Competition In The East

       The British Empire was not the only group expanding their power, influence and global reach. 


#3. They Profited From Human Bondage

       While it did not play as large a role in the slave trade as Portugal or Spain in the 1600 and 1700s by comparison, 


#2. They Saw Profit In Exploiting The Vices Of Their Own People

       Profitability was key to British expansion, and the age of exploration brought wonderous and addictive delights to the British Empire. 


#1. They Wanted Power

    Empires are all about gaining access to the most limited resource: Power. With land, with trade, with goods, and with literal human resources, 


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