Species Discovered in 2022


Tapir Valley Tree Frog (Tlalocohyla celeste), Costa Rica

This colourful frog is a new species of hylid frog, a family of frogs usually referred to as “tree frogs and their allies”, and was discovered on a rewilded nature reserve in Costa Rica. 


Giant water lily (Victoria boliviana), Bolivia

Meet the world’s largest water lily – a species that has been hiding under the noses of scientists since the 1800s. 


Fish (Poecilocharax callipers and P. rhizophilus), Brazil

P. callipterus (pictured above) males have red-orange fins and a distinctive dark spot in front of the tail 


Spiny lizard (Sceloporus huichol), Mexico

S. huichol is a newly described species of spiny lizard. 


Chiriquí fire salamander (Bolitoglossa cathyledecae), Panama

This brightly coloured amphibian is a newly described salamander, discovered during an expedition of Panamanian scientists. 


Sponge crab (Lamarckdromia beagle), Western Australia

It was recently described as a new species after a specimen was found washed up on a beach in Denmark, Western Australia. 


Millipede (Nannaria swiftae), USA

Nannaria swiftae appears in a recent paper by three myriapodologists (scientists studying myriapods) examining the taxonomy of twisted-claw millipedes in the Nannaria wilsoni group. 


Snake (Phalotris shawnella), Paraguay

With its striking bright red colouration, dark lines and yellow neck patterning, this snake is a newly described species in the Phalotris genus. 


Tarantula (Taksinus bambus), in Thailand

Whilst it was known that tarantulas in Southeast Asia could be either terrestrial or arboreal, this is the first case of a species to be found on only one type of tree. 


Tree (Uvariopsis dicaprio), in the Ebo Forest, Cameroon

U. dicaprio was found in the Ebo Forest, which is one of the largest intact rainforests in Cameroon and makes up half of the Yabassi Kew Biodiversity Area. 

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