The 10 Beautiful Festivals that are a Visual Treat

Ritu Kanwar Bhati            Nov. 22, 2022


Scarlet Sails, White Nights Festival | Russia

During the time of 12 PM Sun in the Icy Circle districts, St. Petersburg in Russia praises the White Evenings Celebration 


Electric Forest Festival | United State

The Electric Woodland Celebration, which began not exactly even 10 years prior as the Rothbury Celebration, is a four-day multi-classification occasion.


Winter Light Festival | Japan

The Colder time of year Light Celebration is praised in the Kuwana City of Japan, during the time of winter


Up Helly Aa Fire Festival | Scotland

To stamp the finish of the yule season, Shetland in Scotland  celebrates a variety of fire festivals every year.


Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta | USA

This special celebration is held consistently. The tourist balloons of various shapes, sizes, and varieties fly in the air and cover the sky for nine days.


Carnival of Brazil

This yearly celebration denotes the start of Loaned, the forty-day time span before Christmas. The celebration has its underlying foundations in the agnostic celebration of Saturnalia.


Lantern Festival | Asia

It happens on the fifteenth day of the lunar schedule, denoting the last day of the lunar New Year, for  February or March.


International Sand Sculpture Festival | Portugal

Begun in 2003, the celebration observes 60 sand craftsmen utilizing 35,000 tons of sand to construct 50 show-stoppers.


The Sapporo Snow Festival | Japan

For seven days in the long stretch of February, Sapporo in Japan has the Snow Celebration.


Holi | Hindu Nation

This ancient Hindu festival is celebrated by the Hindu populations of all nations, or all people with an Indian origin. 

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