The 10 Largest Hospitals In The World


First Affiliated Hospital Of Zhengzhou University, China – 7,000 Bed

The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University is currently the world’s biggest hospital having a capacity of around 7,000 beds and providing annual revenues of more than 7.5 billion Yuan. 


West China Medical Center, China – 4,300 Bed

The hospital is located in the downtown area of Chengdu along the shores of the Jin River. Although initially founded in 1914 by Western missionaries as the private West China Union University 


National Center For Mental Health, Philippines – 4,200 Bed

The hospital was established on December 17, 1928, to take care of a large number of mental patients and other patients with related nervous system disorders 


Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan – 4,000 Bed

It is also Taiwan’s largest hospital that is situated in Taoyuan City’s Guishan District. The hospital forms a part of the hospital network of the Chang Gung Medical Foundation. 


Ankara Bilkent City Hospital, Turkey – 3,810 Bed

Ankara Bilkent City Hospital is the world’s fifth-largest hospital having a capacity of 3,810 beds. Officially opened on March 14, 2019, this full-service city hospital is situated in the Cankaya 


National Hospital Of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka – 3,404 Bed

Established in 1864 as a "General Hospital," the National Hospital of Sri Lanka is at present the country's premier hospital that is managed by the Central Government. 


Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, South Africa – 3,200 Bed

This hospital is spread over an area of 170 acres in the Soweto township to the south of Johannesburg. 


Qasr El Eyni Hospital, Egypt – 3,200 Bed

The hospital is affiliated with Cairo University’s Qasr El Eyni Faculty of Medicine and managed by Egypt’s Ministry of Health and Population.  


Clinical Centre Of Serbia, Serbia – 3,150 Bed

The Clinical Centre of Serbia contains a total of 41 organizational units. The Clinical Centre is spread over an area of 34 hectares, comprising 50 buildings having a total floor space of 280,000 sq. m 


Government Medical College, Kozhikode, India – 3,025 Bed

Established in 1957, it is at present India’s largest hospital and Kerala’s second medical college. It is also one of the country’s biggest medical colleges spread over an area of 1.1 sq. km.  

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