The 10 Longest Rivers Of Texa

Himanshi singh       Nov 15, 2022

#Rio Grande

          The longest river in Texas is the Rio Grande, which runs for a total of 1,896 miles. It begins in the southern region of the state of Colorado and makes its way southeast until it empties into the Gulf of Mexico. 

#Red River Of The South

          The Red River of the South is the second longest river in Texas. This waterway runs a course of 1,360 miles, beginning where two smaller rivers join near the border between Oklahoma and Texas. 

#Brazos River

         The third longest river in Texas is the Brazos River, which begins in New Mexico and runs through the center of Texas, cutting the state into two halves: east and west.  

#Pecos River

         The Pecos River is the fourth longest river in Texas, flowing over a course of 926 miles. This river begins in the Sangre de Cristo mountains located in New Mexico and eventually feeds into the previously mentioned Rio Grande   

#Colorado River

         The fifth longest river running through Texas is the Colorado River. This river shares its name with the Colorado River that runs through the Grand Canyon, although the two are not the same.  

#Canadian River

      The Canadian River, despite its name, does not flow through Canada. Instead, this 906-mile long river flows from Colorado into New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and into the Arkansas River.  

#Trinity River

      The Trinity River is the seventh longest river in Texas, running for a distance of 710 miles. Its basin region covers an area of 15,589 square feet, the entirety of which is located in Texas.  

#Sabine River

    The Sabine River flows over a course of 510 miles, making it the eighth longest river to cross Texas.  

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