The 10 Most Educated Countries In The World

Himanshi singh       Nov 11, 2022


          Canada’s education policy is clearly an effective one. Number one on the OECD's previous list as well, its percentage of people with a post-secondary certificate or degree grew from 56 percent in 2018 


         Since 1868, Japan has followed the three-tier western education system with its elementary, secondary, and university structure. The majority of Japanese students want to go to university, 


         Children in Luxembourg receive an elementary education until the age of eleven. There are two types of secondary schools: the more traditional ones, Lycées secondaire, and the technical ones, Lycées techniques.  

#South Korea

         Featuring fourth place on the OECD’s report of most educated countries in the world, 50 percent of South Korea's population achieves tertiary-level education. The country puts a lot of emphasis on academics   


         Israel's emphasis on education goes back to medieval times when anti-semitic Europeans forbid Jews from becoming landowners or farmers. The community had limited choices, so its people focused on careers like merchant trading, moneylending,  

#United State

        United States universities occupy five out of the top ten spots in the QS World University Rankings, with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) heading the list. Every state in the US has several options for anyone who wants to pursue higher education 


        Like all other countries on this list, education is mandatory and free for Irish children. After they graduate from the second level (high school), students can opt for a third-level or university education. 

#United Kingdom

        Four United Kingdom universities make up the top ten in the QS World University Rankings list of 2022. Like the US, the UK also attracts many international students. The high school equivalent is Advanced Level (A-Levels) qualifications, 


       There are two educational routes students can take after high school in Australia. They can engage in Vocational Training and Education (VET) and pass four certification levels and go on to do a diploma 


      In Finland, students start school at the age of seven; much later than they do in other countries. There are no standardized tests and only one Matriculation exam required for students to apply to university.  

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