The 10 Most Populous Islands Of Scotland

Himanshi singh       Nov 11, 2022

#Lewis And Harri

          It is the most populous Scottish island. The island had a population of 21,031 in 2011. The main town of Lewis and Harris is Stornoway. The island is noted for the production of the handmade Harris tweed fabric. 

#Mainland, Shetland

          With a population of 18,765 in 2011, the island of Mainland in the Shetland archipelago of Scotland is the second most populous island in Scotland. It is the central hub of air and ferry transport in the archipelago 

#Mainland, Orkney

          The main island of the Scottish archipelago of Orkney is also named as Mainland. It had a population of 17,162 individuals in 2011. Like Mainland, Shetland, Mainland of Orkney is also the heart of the archipelago’s 


          The island of Skye is one of the most notable islands of Scotland. It is the fourth most populated island in Scotland. Tourism, fishing, forestry, and cultivation are the major economic activities of Skye’s residents. Portree is the largest settlement of the island. 

#Isle Of Bute

          This Scottish island had a population of 6,498 in 2011, making it the fifth most populated island in Scotland. The main economic activities of the Isle of Bute are agriculture and tourism. Forestry and fishing are also popular here 


          The island of Arran had a population of 4,629 in 2011. The island is currently part of the North Ayrshire council area. The island’s culture bears similarity to that of the Hebrides but it is separated from the same by the Kintyre peninsula. 


         The island of Islay had a population of 3,228 in 2011. Bowmore is the capital of the island and hosts a distillery and the Kilarrow Parish Church. The island also has a port. The primary economic activities of Islay are tourism,  


         Part of the Argyll and Bute council area, Mull is Scotland’s eighth most populous island. The island had a population of 2,800 in 2011. The majority of the island’s population resides in Tobermory. 

#South Uist

       With a population of 1,754, South Uist is Scotland’s ninth most populous island. The island is one of Scotland’s last remaining strongholds of the Gaelic language. Nearly 90% of the population of this island are Catholics. 

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