The 5 Tallest Cities In The World

Himanshi singh       Nov 16, 2022

#1. Shenzhen, China - 120

         Shenzhen boasts a population of 17 million residents and has an astonishing 120 skyscrapers above 200 m tall. Indeed the rapid growth of Shenzhen is a marvel of human determination and ingenuity 

#2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates - 107

        Home to three and a half million inhabitants, Dubai is the United Arab Emirates' most populous city. A mecca of modernism in the Persian Gulf region 

#3. Hong Kong, China - 94

       Hong Kong hosts the third highest number of skyscrapers above 200 m at 94. Furthermore, this city of seven million people has an astonishing 9,000 buildings considered high rise, standing at least 150 m tall! 

#4. New York City, United States - 92

     Some eight million people call New York City and its boroughs home, making the Big Apple the country's most populous metropolis. A veritable concrete jungle (particularly Manhattan), 

#5. Shanghai, China - 60

     Shanghai has been one of China’s fastest-growing cities and, in turn, the world, making it a truly global hub. A beautiful port city, Shanghai’s modern boom began in the 1920s 

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