The 5 Wettest Places On Earth

Himanshi singh       May 19, 2020

#Mawsynram, India - 11,871mm

          With an astounding average annual rainfall of 11,871 millimeters, the town of Mawsynram in northeast India is Earth's wettest place. Indeed between June to August alone, an average of 3,000 millimeters of rain have been reported 

#Cherrapuni, India - 11,777mm

         Just a three-hour drive east of Mawsynram, the town of Cherrapunji has frequently been in the number one spot as the wettest place on Earth for reasons the same as mentioned above for Mawsynram. Averaging some 11,777 millimeters of annual rain, 

#Tutunendo, Colombia - 11,770mm

         Located within the Choco rainforest, the district of Tutunendo reaches number three on the list of Earth's wettest places, with an average annual rainfall of 11,770 millimeters. With two rainy seasons, it is a safe bet that any time of the year one finds themselves in Tutunendo, 

#. San Antonio De Ureca, Equatorial Guinea - 10,450mm

     The wettest place on the African continent, the village of San Antonio de Ureca, records an average of 10,450 millimeters of rain every year. Located on the island of Bioko, this village is surrounded by a series of beautiful waterfalls, which in conjunction with its rainy climate, make it a most magical destination 

#Debundscha, Cameroon - 10,299mm

    Nestled at the foot of Mount Cameroon, the village of Debundscha rounds out the list of the five wettest places on Earth, with an average annual rainfall of 10,299 millimeters. Due to its proximity to the equator, the village experiences a hot, humid, and prolonged rainy season. 

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