The Greatest Pharaohs Of Ancient Egypt

Himanshi singh       Nov 16  2022

#1. Khufu (Reign: 2589-2566 BCE)

          Khufu was formerly known as Cheops. Khufu was his chosen religious name, dedicated to the god Khnum.  

#1. Khufu (Reign: 2589-2566 BCE)

          Khufu's claim to fame is that he is said to have commissioned the Great Pyramid of Giza. Most of what we know about him was written by historians much later in human history (around 300 BCE).   

#2. Tutankhamun (Reign: 1332-1323 BCE)

          Tutankhamun, or "King Tut" as he has become more popularly known, was only eight or nine years old when he assumed reign as King of Egypt from his father near the end of the 18th Dynasty. 

#3. Ramses II (Reign: 1279–1213 BCE)

         Ramses II was also commonly known as "Ramesses The Great". He was the third pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt. Ramses II is as well know for his long reign (nearly seventy years)  

#3. Ramses II (Reign: 1279–1213 BCE)

        Because of looters and grave robbers, his mummy was moved several times and discovered in the early 1880's. Ramses II's mummy is now on display at Cairo's National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.  

#4. Hatshepsut (Reign: 1478–1458 BCE)

        Hatshepsut was the fifth pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt and was one of the first two confirmed female pharaohs, 

#5. Xerxes I (Reign: 486 – 465 BCE)

       Xerxes I was King of Persia and reigned over Egypt during a time in which Egypt was part of the Persian Empire.  

#6. Cleopatra VII (Reign: 51 – 30 BCE)

      Cleopatra is perhaps one of the most famous (or at least most commonly depicted in popular culture) of all the pharaohs on our list. 

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