The Little Known Eastern African Empire That Rivalled Rome In Its Time

Himanshi singh       Nov 19, 2022

#Early Years - 1st Century CE

          The early years of Aksum started out in a region within Ethiopia called Tigray. Located deep in the highlands, 


#Trade And Wealth 200 CE - 400 CE

         Trade was at the heart of Aksum. Taking full advantage of its geographical location, the Aksumites  


#Christianity 4th Century CE

        With such close proximity to the Middle East and the Roman Empire, Aksum was one of the first nations to convert to Christianity. 


#War And Expansion 300 CE - 600 CE

        While the Aksumites were able to avoid war with the Romans, they did not shy away from violence with other nations. 


#Collapse And Isolation 600 CE - 800 CE

        Despite a series of military victories in Arabia and the start of what might have been a second golden age in the early 600s, Aksum's hold quickly shrank. 


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