The Longest Rivers In India

Himanshi singh       Nov 15, 2022

#Narmada - 1,312

         The Narmada flows through the central part of the country. When considering rivers that flow only entirely within India kk

#Gadilam - 1,333

         The Gadilam is a river in the southern portion of the country, in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is sometimes called the Kedilam River.  

#Yamuna - 1,376 Km

         Like others on this list, Yamuna also originates from a glacier - specifically the Yamunotri Glacier. The Yamuna then continues to flow for 1,376 km, where it sustains the livelihood of over 50 million people. 

# Krishna - 1,400

        The Krishnaveni Reiver, the Krishna is found in the Western Ghats in the southeastern portion of the country. It flows through the states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Karnataka.  

# Sutlej - 1,450 Km

        The Sutlej, sometimes called the Satluj or the Satadree, runs through northern Indian states, as well as through China, India, and Pakistan. The majority of the river is in Pakistan. 

# Godavari - 1,465

       The Godavari River has its source in Maharashtra in western India. Sometimes dubbed the "Ganges of the South", the Godavari shares a storied history with its more famous cousin. 

# Ganges - 2,525 Km

       The Ganges River is one of the country's longest rivers, as well as its most famous. It flows for 2,525 km within Indian borders before flowing into Bangladesh. 

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